The Spiritual Formation Group meets weekly in the Guild Parlor, for study, mutual support, encouragement and accountability of its members as they move along their spiritual pathway. The meeting is held on Monday afternoons, 4:30-6 pm in the Founders Room. Please contactLynn Nelson if interested in joining.


The Widows’ Friendship Circle provides widows who have gone through the grieving process with the opportunity to express feelings and concerns in a safe environment with others who understand their situation. Friendships develop and ideas and resources are shared to assist in the adjustment to a changing lifestyle. The content in these meetings remain confidential. The meetings are held in the Guild Parlor at the church on the 3rd Tuesday of every month from 10am - 11am. 

Florence Slater is the facilitator and can be reached at 510.654.5934. Or, you can contact Florence Slater by email for more information.