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Rev. Dr. William McNabb, Senior Minister

510.547.5700 ext. 106 -                                                   

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Rev. Dr. Don Ashburn, Associate Minister

510.547.5700 ext. 105 -

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 Rev. Scott Kail, Pastor of Student Ministries

510.547.5700 ext. 110 -

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 Leslie Quantz, Director of Children's Ministries

510.547.5700 ext. 109 -

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Dr. Stephen Main, Minister of Music

510.547.5700 ext. 107 -

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Rev. Dottie Hutch, Minister of Visitation
510.547.5700, ext. 101

Toni Fischer, Business/Financial Manager
510.547-5700 ext. 102

Jean Leahy, Office Manager
510.547.5700 ext. 101

Abby Rose, Publications Coordinator
510.547.5700 ext. 103

Nick Baz, Doorkeeper
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Angela Guidici, Youth Intern

Jeremy Kaetzel, Youth Intern

Rachel Petrillo, Nursery Care Coordinator

Carol Leslie, Event Sales Coordinator