Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is a twelve member volunteer board elected by the congregation to a 3-year term. The Board supervises the church's financial affairs and manages the annual stewardship campaign. In addition, the Trustees are in charge of paid personnel and are responsible for the maintenance of the church plant. They create the annual budget and plan the annual congregational meeting.

Current members are as follows: Mary Margaret Sinnema - President, Wayne Marzolf, Pat Ruffolo, John Chiang, Jim Kellogg, Maggie Spencer, Tim Recker, Manuel Martinez, Charley Nooney, Jim Fleser, John Halley and Lani Taylor.

Board of Deacons

The Board of Deacons is a twelve member volunteer board elected by the congregation for a 3-year term. The Board is responsible for developing the Mission Program and disbursing mission funds to both local and international non-profit organizations. The Deacons coordinate congregational life activities such as adult education programming, new members' classes and orientation, parish visits, local community outreach projects, hospitality, and all-church dinners. In addition, they arrange for Sunday ushers, greeters and communion servers for the 10:00 am worship services.

Current members are as follows: Bob Leslie - Chair, Lynn Olander, Christina Miller, Lynn Nelson, Julie McDonald, Charlie Wood, Jim Clarkson, Jay Foreman, Lisa Lindsley, Mel Taylor, Steve Wuebbens, Katrina Bergen.

Board of Christian Education

The Board of Christian Education is a twelve member volunteer board elected by the congregation for a 3-year term. The Board chooses the Church School curricula and oversees the training of volunteer teachers. They oversee the planning of children's chapel services and the confirmation program. This Board also coordinates children's and youth fellowship groups, nursery care, and special events such as the Christmas Pageant and Church Picnic. Members also assist with the annual high school mission trip to Mexico.

Current members are as follows: Tami Collins - Chair, Debi Hemmeter, Jeff Asbury, Ron Heckmann, Gwendolyn Osborn, Michael Perkocha, Kate Dykes, Beth Covin, Judy Swaby, Tina Farman, Tomas Melian, Lauren Young (student)

Altar Guild

The Altar Guild members decorate the worship space, set up weekly altar flowers, organize donations of weekly altar flowers and prepare the monthly communion service. Members serve for three years from January through December.

Current members are as follows: Jim Clarkson, Christy Guidici, Priscilla Joe, Lonnie Simonson, Polly Jackson-Smart, Sunny Bostrom-Fleming, SweeLing Chen, Alice Wong-Roth, Paul Schroeder and Paul Simonson.