In 2016 300 students and adults built 17 houses for the poorest of the poor in Tijuana.  In 2015, 224 students and 50 adult volunteers built 17 houses in one week! These students forego a typical Spring Break vacation to serve others who are less fortunate and come back feeling transformed. At end of the trip, students return home with greater understandings of life in a developing country, the meaning of Christian service and the satisfaction that their efforts made a positive impact on the lives of others. These new perspectives are priceless and the memories last a lifetime!

Take a look at this video of what we did together this year!  

Email Scott Kail, Pastor of Student Ministries, for more info or call 547-5700, ext. 110. Please note that your family does not need to belong to PCC in order for your student to participate! 

Embarking on a mission of this scale requires that support teams start addressing all aspects of planning months in advance. Fundraising, gathering of supplies, recruitment of participants and leaders, transportation logistics, group preparation and safety training, correspondence with the facilitating ministry organization, and administrative/financial details are just a few areas of expertise that require the efforts and support of many volunteers from the church.