Below are excerpts from the Sunday, April 9th worship service bulletin.                       

For Your Reflection                                                                                   

There are so few people who become what they have it in them to be. It may be through lethargy and laziness, it may be through timidity and cowardice, it may be through lack of discipline and self-indulgence, it may be through the involvement in second best and byways. The world is full of people who have never realized the possibilities which are in them. We need not think of the task which God has in store for us in terms of some great act or achievement of which everyone will know. It may be to fit a child for life; it may be at some crucial moment to speak that word and exert that influence which will stop someone ruining life; it may be to do some quite small job superlatively well; it may be something which will touch the lives of many by our hands, our voices, or our minds. The fact remains that God is preparing us by all the experiences of life for something; and the fact remains that there are so many who refuse the task when it comes, and who never realize that they are refusing it. 
–– William Barclay