CHURCH FELLOWSHIP DINNERS - In honor of special occasions or themes such as the Fall Harvest, the Advent season, Ash Wednesday, and Maundy Thursday, the Board of Deacons organizes church-wide dinners. The whole family is welcome, and often the meal is followed by a worship service. Gourmet meals are prepared by the volunteer crew, “Loaves and Fishes,” and those attending pay a reasonable fee to cover the cost.

THE ADULT FELLOWSHIP GROUP - meets monthly from September to June.  All adults are invited to share in potluck dinners and activities in members’ homes, outings to local events or an evening of stimulating conversation about a topic of interest with a guest speaker.  

F.U.N. (Family Unity Night) - Parents of children from newborn to 6th grade gather 5-6 times a year for a potluck dinner or a “parents’ night out.”  Pizza and fun activities are offered for the kids at church.  What could be better!  Contact Director of Children’s Ministry Leslie Quantz for more information.

MIDDLE SCHOOL / HIGH SCHOOL PARENTS FELLOWSHIP - A lay ministry volunteer group of parents organizes a potluck with guided discussions around topics of interest to parents of teens and meets in the home of a family a few times a year. You can contact Pastor for Students, Rev. Scott Kail for more information. 

 Check the upcoming events page to see if there are any events scheduled for the near future.